To be the most professional and customer-oriented Contact Center outsourcing service provider, in Cambodia, that provides international standard services at absolutely local price.


To provide customizable, cost-efficient, value-added, and premium customer relationship management services to organizations of various sizes and stages, enabling them to stay hyper-focused on their core competencies and overall organizational goals.

Value Proposition

Setting up and managing an in-house call center operation is a challenging proposition to many companies. This is because setting up a contact center required heavy upfront investments on equipment, advanced technologies, and human resource development. Whereas, management of in-house contact center is sophisticated and required trained resource and skilled forces. In addition, the operating costs, especially personnel-related costs, are high. That’s why outsource contact center becomes global trend to reduce operating costs and enhance customer service quality, leading to customer satisfaction and company’s profitability.

Why us?

Cambodia adds an average 164,000 people to its labor force each year. Cambodians are becoming increasingly well educated – locally and internationally – and more are studying English, French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, as well as other foreign languages to improve their employment opportunities.

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Work Environment
We have a skilled professional team, equipped with latest technology, reliable support systems. Our Quality Management System ensures standard performance that is equivalence to International Standard ISO 9001:2000.

Our Team

Talk2 places a strong emphasis on staff development of professional and in-depth training programs and qualification tests for ensuring excellent call center service quality. HR Department- Provides skill and language training programs, and tests employee qualification and language proficiency levels. On top of that…